NDS-200 nodal rail

The NDS-200 is a universal nodal rail with a length of 200 mm, which is created in accordance with the Arca-Swiss mounting standard.

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The NDS-200 is a universal nodal board that has both the characteristics of a photography rail and an Arca-Swiss grip.

The plate is useful mainly in panoramic photography, where it allows you to precisely adjust the location of the nodal point, and the millimeter markers placed on the tile make it much easier. Due to the wide shift range, this plate can also be useful in macro photography.

The NDS-200 is made of aluminum, making it durable and lightweight. The plate also has a bubble level that helps you set the camera properly.

A solid knob ensures quick and efficient tightening, and the fastening mechanism itself runs smoothly and perfectly holds the rails and quick-release plates included in it.

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Mounting type
Arca Swiss
Length without clamp
200 mm
Length with clamp
227 mm
14 mm
38 mm
172 g
Mounting thread
6 years