Arrow down How should I clean a Genesis backpack or bag?

Never wash this product in a washing machine! Use soft brush to clean the material out of dust and dirt.

To clean persistent dirt, use wet cloth or sponge.

Wash in your hands in lukewarm water, using soft detergents (e.g. grey soap), and then rinse thoroughly

Never use fabric conditioners, bleaching agents, washing-up detergents, and wool washing liquids.

We recommend to use washing liquids for waterproof fabrics (you can buy them in sports and tourist shops).

Never use centrifuges and tumble driers!

Gently squeeze out the excess water, and hang the product to dry.

External material can be impregnated using appropriate spray agents to increase its water resistance.

Do not use an iron!

Do not expose the product to high temperatures!

Arrow down Do I need to register Genenesis products in order to submit an official complaint?

No, you only need a proof of purchase or an invoice. You do not to register your product in order to have your complaint acknowledged.

Arrow down How can I properly use spirit levels in Genesis products?

Spirit levels have two lines. Air “bubble” in the liquid should be placed exactly between those lines for the equipment to be perfectly levelled.

Arrow down Where can I buy Genesis products in my country?

With our clients in mind, we have created an updated data base of foreign distributors, they are listed on the interactive map.

If you have not found our distributor in your country, visit our online store at www.foto-tip.pl, we ship our products to various countries, including USA.

Arrow down Where should I send a product that needs servicing or is under the complaint?

ul. Płk. Dąbka 17,
30-732 Kraków

+48 534 857 883 lub +48 12 270 12 81

Service is opened from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Arrow down Are Genesis products featuring Arca-Swiss standard compatible with the gear od another company with this system?

Arca-Swiss standard is not identical in all products.

Each company using this standard in its products can offer different size, so products of two different companies may not be compatible, as Arca-Swiss standard does not have one, particular size used by all manufacturers offering Arca-Swiss systems.

It is advised to carefully check the sizes of products that we want to combine together.