We are pleased to announce that our new Ambassador is Mateusz Szeliga, born in the 90s, raised in Gryfów Śląski.

He used the photography as a ticket to do what he wants and learn what is the most difficult – to look at the world properly. He got to know the workshop from the best from the Academy of Photography and Cracow Schools of Art. He created his own style while working on portraying riders and events – skateboarding, snowboarding. He is interested in the entire urban culture. It was from the board events that more serious sessions and publications began, including in Kmag, Elle, or Szosa. He was cooperating with the Red Bull brand, Pan Tu Nie Stał, Prosto, Palto or artists such as Grubson, Pokahontaz.

In the end, he felt competent to realize his own artistic vision. He combined Polish streetwear with undiscovered modernist architecture of Wrocław and other cities.





Fot. Michał Frąckowiak