Genesis B-Slide 120 II is a new version of a popular slider with the universal length of a guide rail of 120 cm.

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Similarly to its older equivalent, it is designed for cameras and camcorders weighting up to 4.5kg. Therefore, it constitutes a basis for both DLSR cameras and small video cameras. B-Slide 120 II model has been fitted with several new components to improve the comfort of operation.

The slider’s platform features 4 Teflon rollers which make the device’s movements fluid, very silent and free of the so called stick-slips. Teflon-coated rollers are resistant to clingy specks of dust, sand and other dirt which hinder the platform’s slide motion. Two of the platform’s rollers bring horizontal and vertical axis adjustment function allowing to freely customize the platform’s sliding motion.

The platform also features a centrally positioned ¼” male screw with 3/8” adapter which allows to mount a photo or video head. Moreover, it is equipped with four ¼” female bolts for additional accessories and the gravitational brake. Acra-Swiss mount is yet another practical solution used in Genesis B-Slide 120 II, as it allows to mount the slider along the entire length of the guide rail and directly to the header.

Slider can be also attached to tripods in classical way with the use of screws, as the guide rail comes with nine threaded ¼” holes and a centrally positioned hole, with the diameter of 3/8”. Another novelty adapted for the B-Slide II series are weight pulleys. By attaching a permanent load, you can easily adjust the platform’s sliding speed. Pulleys are located on both ends of the guide rail. The slider’s legs can be dismounted and their length may be adjusted to change the slider’s height. If the Genesis B-Slide 120 II is used on uneven ground, it may be levelled by independently adjusting the length of a given leg.

Genesis B-Slide 120 II is almost entirely made of the anodized aluminum to ensure high quality, rigidity and life span of the entire device.
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Mounting points on a platform
1x ¼” male screw (with 3/8” adapter), 4x ¼” female screw
Mounting points on a guide rail
9 x ¼” female screw; 1x 3/8” female screw; 1x arca swiss
Load capacity
4.5 kg
Height adjustment
63 - 101 mm
1200x170 mm
1,7 kg
24 months