GMR-150 macro rail

GMR 150 is a macro photography rail that facilitates the precise setting of equipment inthe right position of the camera. Rail is made in Arca-Swiss standard.

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Made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, the rail is designed for macro photography. The millimeter scale on the entire length allows the camera to be precisely moved on the rail. The millimeter scale is also applied to the quick-release mounting bracket, so that moving the camera relative to the object is possible in two axes. The screw on the back of the quick-release handle allows for blocking it on the rail, so that after setting the appropriate parameters we gain conīŦdence that they will not be moved.

Smooth sliding of the plate on the rail is ensured by a screw mechanism with a comfortable knob at its end. The mounting of the plate on the handle is adjustable a lever that presses the plate to ensure stability of the connection. The GMR-150 rail can be connected to all heads, nodal rails and handles in the Arca-Swiss mounting standard.

Fastening the rail is also possible on other accessories that have a 1/4 “male thread, as the GMR-150 has two 1/4” female threads.
The set includes a macro photographic rail and two allen keys.

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Arca Swiss
36 mm
67 mm
226 mm
7 kg
270 g
6 years