Qube 1 LED lamp

GenesisGear Qube 1 is a small waterproof LED lamp with high light output and a color temperature close to daylight 5500K(±200K).

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GenesisGear Qube 1 is a small waterproof LED lamp with high light output and a color temperature close to daylight 5500K(±200K). It has a very high color rendering index of 95±2 Ra. With four levels of light brightness adjustment, you can adjust its power to suit your current needs. This compact and handy cubic light has sides measuring just 3.8cm and weighs 60g. With its small size, it achieves a high light intensity of 900lx from a distance of 0.5m, and 300lx from 1m. The lamp emits a beam of light with a fixed angle of 60.



The GenesisGear Qube 1 is also designed for underwater use, with an IP67 rating, making it possible to use it up to 10m deep! It comes with a waterproof USB charging port, the same as on most new smartphones, making charging the light even easier. It also allows you to charge from a powerbank, wherever you are! The Qube 1 is powered by a lithium-polymer battery (3V 1000mAh). There is an LED on the lamp that shows the current state of charge of the device. The working time of the lamp at maximum brightness is more than 80min.



With the lamp we also get additional accessories, including a silicone diffuser to soften the light. It is very easy to apply, lightweight and durable, and neutral to the color temperature of the light. Wanting to use the Qube 1 lamp in a creative way, there is a choice of up to 20 gel color filters included in the kit, as well as a holder adapted for them. The filters are available in both colors (blue, purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, gray and white), as well as shades that allow you to change the color temperature of the light. The set also includes a lanyard, allowing the light to be attached to various places, and making it easy to store and transport.



On the lower surface – the Qube 1 lamp is equipped with a 1/4″ thread, so it can be used on various types of tripods or mounts that have this mounting standard. It also comes with a sled head, further expanding the mounting possibilities, such as locating it on a camera or camcorder.


  • waterproof, can be used up to 10m underwater,
  • color temperature 5500±200K,
  • high color reproduction coefficient 95±2RA,
  • Light intensity 900lx @ 0.5m, 300lx @ 1m.
  • 4 levels of brightness adjustment,
  • a beam angle of 60,
  • operating time at full brightness exceeding 80minutes,
  • light weight and small dimensions,
  • included color filters with holder and diffuser,
  • waterproof USB charging port.


The set being sold includes:

  • Qube 1 lamp,
  • USB charging cable,
  • lanyard,
  • filter holder,
  • diffuser,
  • tripod head,
  • color filters,
  • instruction manual.



  • 2 years
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Technical data

Color temperature
Color reproduction index
Light intensity at 0,5m
Light intensity at 1m
4 levels
Light beam angle
60 degrees
IP67 (up to 10m)
Battery type
Lithium-polymer (3.7V 1000mAh)
Battery life
>80min (at maximum brightness)
Power supply
DC 5V: ≥0.5A
Dimensions max