R60 multifunction holder

GenesisGear R60 is a multifunctional mount designed for photographers and filmmakers.

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GenesisGear R60 is a multifunctional mount designed for photographers and filmmakers. The universal clamp has six 1/4″ and two 3/8″ threads (including one ARRI), so we can attach most of our equipment and photo and video accessories to it. It can be used to attach cameras, gimbals, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, as well as GoPro or phones.


The GenesisGear R60 mount is solidly constructed of durable and strong metals: stainless steel and aluminum. It has non-slip silicone jaws with spacing ranging from 14 to 43mm. It gives the ability to attach to various types of surfaces, both flat and round, such as: countertops, railings, pipes or branches. The highest quality workmanship allows you to attach even heavy photographic and film equipment, without worrying about their stability and safety.



This unique mount by GenesisGear is an ideal solution for photographers and filmmakers of all levels. Its low weight and compact size allow you to always have it with you. The versatility of use and wide mounting options allow you to work in a wide variety of difficult conditions. In the interiors, attaching the mount to the tabletop, we get interesting and difficult to obtain with a tripod angles of equipment placement. Using it outdoors will allow you to stabilize equipment using tree branches, for example. It will also work well as a mount for sports cameras, which can be securely attached, for example, to the handlebars of a bicycle.



Key product features:

  • wide spacing of jaws – allows you to attach the handle to various types of surfaces with a thickness of up to 43mm, such as countertops, railings, pipes, or branches.
  • versatility – 1/4″ and 3/8″ thread attachment makes the mount compatible with most photo and film accessories, cameras, camcorders, heads, phone holders, gimbals.
  • Robustness – solidly made, made of durable material, has non-slip jaws, all this makes it great to handle even heavy equipment weighing several kilograms.
  • adjustable head – allows you to position the attached equipment at the desired angle.



The set being sold includes:

  • R60 Clamp,
  • adapter from female thread to 3/8″ male thread,
  • adapter from female thread to 1/4″ male thread,
  • allen wrench 2.5mm.



  • 2 years
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Technical data

Male and female threads - 1/4" and 3/8"
14 – 43mm
Max dimensions
9cm x 5,6cm x 2,1 cm
Steel, aluminum, silicone