RGB PILL continous light

The GenesisGear RGB PILL lamp is a creative continuous light source with very versatile uses.

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The GenesisGear RGB PILL lamp is a creative continuous light source with very versatile uses. It features both CCT and HSI modes. In CCT mode, the range of color temperature control options is closed between 2500, and 9000K. In HSI mode, it is possible to select one of 360 colors, as well as saturation (from 1 to 100). We also have an effect mode, in which up to 20 different settings are available: police car, ambulance, fire truck, lightning, fireworks, TV, candles, party, flashing bulb, pulsing, strobe, RGB strobe, paparazzi, emergency, large/small beam, red flash, green flash, blue flash, HSI slow, HSI fast. In each mode, it is also possible to continuously control the brightness of the light between 0-100%.



With a diameter of 8cm, height of 2.2cm, the round RGB PILL lamp weighs only 209g – it is very handy and lightweight, so you can always have it with you. The 2000mAh battery will allow it to run for 8h at minimum brightness, and for 2 hours at maximum brightness. It has a USB Type-C charging port, so you can also charge it outdoors with a powerbank. Charging time is about 3h, and it reduces to 2 hours with fast charging.

The lamp has high power – 5W, while maintaining a small size and weight. It reaches a light intensity of 500lx from a distance of 0.5m and the beam distribution angle is 1200.



The RGB PILL lamp has several mounting options. The built-in magnet on the back allows you to easily attach it to various metal surfaces, such as table legs, railings, or countertops. It has a 1/4″ female thread on the bottom, allowing it to fit on most frames, cages, camera stands, phone holders, poles, or tripods. The included camera sled adapter (hot shoe) will make it easy to place it on your device, allowing you to have the perfect light for creating recordings, vlogs, both indoors and outdoors.



Key product features:

  • the ability to choose up to 360 colors, and their saturation (1-100),
  • 20 special effects modes,
  • CCT mode with controllable color temperature from 2500K to 9000K,
  • brightness adjustment in the range of 1-100%,
  • 1/4 thread attachment,
  • built-in magnet,
  • 2000mAh battery, allows you to shine for up to 8h,
  • charging via USB type C port,
  • high power 5W,
  • convenience of use



The set being sold includes:

  • RGB PILL lamp,
  • USB C cable,
  • diffuser,
  • adapter,
  • instruction.



  • 2 years
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Technical data

Color temperature
HSI - H (hue) adjustment range
0 -360 degrees
HSI - S (saturation) adjustment range
HSI - I (intensity) adjustment range
20 effect modes
White diodes
Yellow diodes
RGB diodes
Color reproduction index (CRI)
Battery capacity
500lx @0,5m
Operation time Max brightness
Operating time Min brightness
Power supply
USB type C
Light beam angle
120 degrees
Charging time