Vlog set

Vlog set is a ready-made kit created to make the work of vloggers and youtubers easier.

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The GenesisGear Vlog set is a ready-to-use kit created to make the job of vloggers and youtubers easier. It includes a VL49 lamp, a tripod that can also be used as a selfie stick, and a phone holder. All of the elements combined give the perfect working tool for creating vlogs with a smartphone. It is also possible to connect the individual elements separately (e.g. tripod + lamp, tripod + holder) thanks to the universal 1/4″ thread attachment.



The VL49 lamp features high power of 6W with small dimensions (6.5cmx7.6cmx3cm) and low weight (95g). It is built with 49 LEDs with a constant color temperature of 5500K. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of as much as 2000mAh, ensuring long work of the device. It is charged via a USB Type C cable, so we can also charge it from a portable powerbank if necessary. The brightness of the emitted light has a five-stage adjustment, easily operated via buttons on the back of the lamp.

There are three cold feet on the top and sides of the lamp, designed for mounting extensions to the kit in the form of microphones or more lights. The lamp can also be used separately from the kit using the cold shoe or 1/4” thread located on the bottom. This allows it to be placed, for example, on a camera or other mounts equipped with such a mounting standard.



The included tripod has dual uses, both as a selfie stick and a table-top tripod. It has a telescopic design with three sections and extendable length from 15cm to 27cm. It is finished at the top with an aluminum head, durable as well as lightweight. It allows 360o rotation, allowing a variety of angles for the attached equipment.

Made of ABS plastic, the phone holder is sturdy and lightweight, with a strong clamp suitable for devices between 5.4 and 9cm wide. It has two 1/4″ female threaded inputs, allowing both horizontal and vertical mounting.

The vlogging kit from GenesisGear allows you to meet your basic equipment needs for creating professional recordings, while giving you the opportunity to further expand your kit with other equipment, such as lights or a microphone.



Key product features:

  • 5-step brightness adjustment,
  • color temperature 5500k,
  • lamp power 6W,
  • rechargeable battery in the lamp with a capacity of 2000mAh,
  • 3 cold feet located on the lamp,
  • power supply via USB type C port,
  • lightweight and compact,
  • durable material,
  • swivel head allowing 360o rotation,
  • selfie stick and tripod in one,
  • telescopic tripod – 3 sections max 27cm,
  • phone holder with 1/4″ thread – versatile mounting options,
  • ideal set for vloggers and youtubers.


The set being sold includes

  • VL49 lamp,
  • selfie stick/stand,
  • holder for phone
  • USB type C charging cable,
  • case.
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Technical data

Lamp power
Number of diodes in the lamp
49 pcs
Color temperature of the lamp
Lamp brightness adjustment
Lamp luminous flux
Lamp beam angle
60 degrees
Lamp life
Lamp battery capacity
Power supply
USB type C
Color reproduction index (CRI)
Main material
Tripod dimensions
Dimensions of handle
Dimensions of the lamp
Weight of the set with case
Weight of set without case
Weight of the lamp